iCloud’s new features hit the shelves after initial iOS 15-release

It has been a long run, but — among other things — your custom domain may now be used with iCloud.com!

iCloud’s new features hit the shelves after initial iOS 15-release
iOS 15 is live now — and so are custom E-Mail-domains in iCloud — Photo Credits: Apple

It has been a long run, but — among other things — your custom domain may now be used with iCloud.com!

I recently wrote about the possibility of officially using customized domain names for iCloud-based E-Mail-addresses. No forwarding with a „reply-to“-option that routes the mail back to your, for example, .mac.com-address anymore, instead adding Apple’s mailserver to become your domain’s official MX-record: It was a tough run but in WWDC 2021’s wake, this feature secretly appeared on beta.icloud.com. Yesterday, with the initial and official release of iOS 15, it appeared on the main stage and Apple now catches up with competing E-Mail-services like Outlook.com & Co. !

Adding your domain on iCloud.com here in Germany — Screenshot courtesy of author

Entering the stage, new iCloud.com!

Alongside the big launch of iOS 15, iPadOS 15, tvOS 15 and watchOS 8 (, Apple has also finally pushed an update for its iCloud.com-site, finally polishing the look of the web portal to make it less laggy — and bringing some of the expected new features online as well. The website’s appearance now matches the look of the Mail-app in iOS 15, iPad OS 15 or the current beta for macOS Monterey. It looks cleaner and less cluttered, the look itself is simply more streamlined than the previous, rather old-fashioned website while the functionality of iCloud.com-mail now matches a common experience on all platforms.

The Emperor’s new clothes

The color scheme seems to be lighter while fonts have to been updated as well, resulting in an even smaller compose windows that takes us less space on the screen. Besides, Apple also announced to have released the „Hide My Email“ alongside with the long-expected „Custom Email Domain“-features for all subscribing iCloud+ users at last. „Hide My Email“ is designed to allow users to create one-timer throwaway E-Mails which forward messages to the cloaked main address. With this feature, users can create different E-Mail-addresses for different websites and purposes and then disable them if the nasty spam ever start arriving at the specific target addresses — there is no need for external services to get this managed anymore!

The key to individual joy on iCloud — Screenshot courtesy of author

All of these features can easily be accessed via the main iCloud.com-website, both features can be accessed by clicking on your name and the „Account Settings“. The process of creating either a throwaway E-Mail-addresses or integrating your custom domain in iCloud.com is pretty straightforward: Both features haven’t visually changed since appearing on beta.cloud.com and can be set up within no time depending on your access to your domain’s DNS-features.

What do you think? Has iCloud.com now finally closed the gap to competitors like Outlook.com, Google Mail and all the others? Let me know if you already use the new features, too!

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