New Apple-app for Windows may be launching soon

There are tough tasks for developers on this planet. And there is the task of finally getting rid of the bloated iTunes-app on Windows…

New Apple-app for Windows may be launching soon
Photo by Norbert Levajsics / Unsplash

There are tough tasks for developers on this planet. And there is the task of finally getting rid of the bloated iTunes-app on Windows, too.

iTunes has been my company since I first came in touch with Mac OS X many years ago. While it was quite a slim MP3-player-tool in the beginning, we all knew it gained more and more weight over the years. With this change, the tool I loved for organizing my MP3-files was gone as it turned into a heavy, bloated monolith until Apple decided to put iTunes to its grave on macOS.

Still today, iTunes is the only (official) way of maintaining your iDevice on Windows, taking backups for example or syncing new music on it. Additionally, accessing Apple Music can either be done by the web player or — well — iTunes on Windows which is another monolith, especially if being compared to the fast client Spotify offers for example.

This could change these days as Apple is, supposedly, on the verge of launching a new first-party app for Microsoft’s Windows 10, a move that could see the tech giant replace iTunes with standalone streaming apps at last. A cryptic tweet of a user named Aggiornamenti Lumia states that this one is definitely knocking on the door:

So far, no source is given but the contents „A new Apple app coming soon to the Microsoft Store?“ stand for themselves so there SHOULD be something in the making which finally closes up to the legacy of iTunes like we know it from macOS-systems: Apple Music, TV, Podcast and Books are the four apps that walk in the footsteps of ancient iTunes and are supposed to — at least — take over the bloated iTunes-application on Windows as well.


Users of Redmond’s operating system currently only have the chance to get iTunes and iCloud from the Windows Store but the user experience is still somehow different from the apps deeply connected with the OS on Macs. Thinking ahead, new UWP-apps on a Windows-system could easily be deployed to other UWP-platforms like the Xbox (One) to further spread Apple’s well-known services onto other devices.


Although you should take this rumor with the certain grain of salt it is well-known that last year, Apple was reportedly hiring engineers to “build the next generation of media apps for Windows.” The company explicitly specified that the job requires experience with Universal Windows Platform (UWP), which is quite basically the modern Windows app platform and therefore Apple’s door for pushing the boundaries of its ecosystem to the broader masses of Windows-users.

Let’s see what happens in the next weeks or month, but seen from the things we know so far it really seems as if there is some new code of Cupertino coming to the Windows Store soon!