New Logitech Folio Touch adds Magic Keyboard-features to the 11-inch iPad Pro

When Apple made keyboard and touchpad support available in iPad OS 13.4, the only choice to make use of the new features was the (quite…

New Logitech Folio Touch adds Magic Keyboard-features to the 11-inch iPad Pro

When Apple made keyboard and touchpad support available in iPad OS 13.4, the only choice to make use of the new features was the (quite expensive) Magic Keyboard. This could change now with Logitech’s latest Folio Touch.

The discussion wether the iPad wants to be a successor to a classical notebook-lineup or still rather a tablet with a keyboard attached is not new and often depends on your definition of „notebook“. With a keyboard and trackpad nearly pushing your iPad Pro in weight regions of a MacBook Pro, the question what fits better must be asked and according to myself, I still use an iPad Pro 11“ besides my 13“ MacBook Pro.

Anyway, everyone who is trying to get the most out of this device may need a decent keyboard and (possibly) trackpad support. Over the time, it was always a race between Apple’s slim keyboard folio (I still like the slimline optics) and Logitech’s cases with more plastics, but therefore more protection and an illuminated, easy-to-type-keyboard. Now, Logitech closes the gap to Apple’s Magic Keyboard with the Logitech Folio Touch which comes with backlit keys again, multi-touch trackpad gestures and its known support for the Smart Connector instead of pairing via Bluetooth which is told to be safer and less-power consuming. Additionally, there is no need for separate charging as the power is being transferred through the Smart Connector.

With the Folio Touch and its kickstand you may already know from its predecessors, the 11-inch iPad Pro may be yet another and even more mobile MacBook-alternative depending on the definition of your mobile workflow. As I have experienced before, the Logitech-alternative was a pleasure to type, but coming in a massive outfit that made the slim iPad Pro rather bulky — but had definitely a better level of protections that Apple’s Keyboard Folio.

Anyone of you who wasn’t willing to pay the bucks for the Apple Magic Keyboard just to gain trackpad support should now have a closer look on Logitech’s latest accessory for the 11-inch iPad Pro of the 1st (2018) and 2nd (2020) edition. Once you are in search for specific multimedia keys that Apple’s Keyboard Folio is known to have missed so far, this one should also be on your list as — for example — screen brightness or the volume level can easily be controlled via the Folio Touch itself.

„The Folio Touch brings a familiar and comfortable laptop keyboard layout to iPad Pro users with incredible flexibility and protection,” said Michele Hermann, vice president of mobility at Logitech. “With the adjustable kickstand and foldable keyboard, iPad Pro users can use the laptop like keyboard and trackpad to get work done and then easily move the keyboard out of the way when they want to sketch, watch videos, or read.”

Logitech Folio Touch — Photo Credits: Logitech

The Folio Touch supports four use modes which you also may know from the previous models — including typing, viewing, sketching and reading, therefore providing the utmost versatility for iPad Pro users. You may dock the keyboard upright and pull out the kickstand, up to 40 degrees, to type out notes or E-Mails. When typing isn’t needed, simply fold back the keyboard and sit back and relax to use iPad Pro for movie watching and usual „tablet stuff“.

The case protects the corners of iPad Pro (and doesn’t scratch them anymore, a fault that has already been fixed in the last edition) and keeps the front and back safe from scuffs, scratches and spills, with the secure magnetic latch holding the case closed so your iPad Pro screen is protected in transit. The Folio Touch can easily store either your Logitech Crayon or Apple Pencil (2nd generation) so that it doesn’t get lost and is there when you’re ready to hand-write notes, sketch drawings or mark up documents.

Seemingly, Logitech has closed the gap to the Magic Keyboard here and while many of you will already experienced one of the previous Folio-products before, the Folio Touch seems to be a missing link to all of you wanted the touchpad-feature on your iPad Pro 11“ without doubling the weight of your tablet with Apple’s pricey Magic Keyboard. According to Logitech, the accessory is still scheduled for release in July 2020 while the price tag is fixed at US$ 159.99 straight from Logitech’s or Apple’s store.