ONLYOFFICE 7.0 hits the virtual shelves with many improvements

ONLYOFFICE 7.0 hits the virtual shelves with many improvements

When it comes to online collaboration paired with a great desktop editor on all famous operating systems, ONLYOFFICE is an eligible candidate for delivering the whole setup needed.

Depending on your own preferences and expectation, there are always to alternatives to the top dog named Microsoft Office. The most famous are surely LibreOffice and its online-derivate Collabora Online and ONLYOFFICE created by Latvian Ascensio System SIA which is probably the tool that comes next to Microsoft Office when dealing with XML-based document formats. While being created as a collaboration tool once, ONLYOFFICE covers many platforms these days and while it is always a perfect match with, for example, Nextcloud, the desktop editors even bring a great desktop client for customers and private users not striving for Redmond’s „original“ Office.

Welcome, ONLYOFFICE 7.0!

These days, ONLYOFFICE 7.0 has been released and continues its solid way by implementing many refinements and improvements. The latest version of the Open Source Office-suite also adds many features like integrating the ability to create documents with fillable fields, password-protected sheets and workbooks and raise the bar when it comes to improved collaboration and usability. Putting everything into unity, features are delivered on a cross-platform basis - for example, you are able to create forms online and from the desktop editors, delivering the full ONLYOFFICE-experience to the user.

It’s all about forms

When dealing with online forms, ONLYOFFICE 7.0 is this office suite’s first iteration to offer this feature so various types of documents from the simplest questionnaire to a complex legal agreement can be created without any hassle. Starting with a simple .DOCX-file, this file with a freshly-created fillable form can be converted to a PDF or OFORM-file so that it can be shared and filled out online. Various advanced field properties and customization options are available here as well.

Securing documents

Spreadsheets can now be made more secure so that separate sheets and workbooks can be protected with passwords. Additionally, a version history has been added, too - users can now navigate through their drafts and revert unnecessary changes, delivering the feature of versioning within this module of ONLYOFFICE.

Desktop Editors are still there

While nearly everything seems to move into the cloud there IS still a need for the classical desktop editor. ONLYOFFICE already managed to connect with cloud service like its online derivate, Nextcloud, ownCloud or Seafile and now also supports connections of kDrive and Liferay. New interface languages have been added, too while the scaling on interfaces on high resolution-screens is also a welcomed feature as well as the ability to start every module in its own window. Once you are running Windows, macOS (Intel- and Apple-chips-optimized version available!) or Linux, the desktop client is your local choice for adopting the features of ONLYOFFICE!

Open source all the way

ONLYOFFICE has its roots in the Open Source-sector but the latest move in the shadow cast by version 7.0 is still quite impressive: With the release of Docs v7.0, ONLYOFFICE indeed opens the source code of the professional editing features, such as document comparison, content controls and sheet views for spreadsheets and makes them available in all solutions. Previously, all these features were exclusively accessible on a paying basis. With this new release the source code is open for everyone and placed on GitHub.


As it comes to the favorite Office everyone can choose, I like the kind of options we have these days. ONLYOFFICE advanced to my favorite solution in private months ago on the desktop and within my Nextcloud-instance and with the latest iteration this choice is just strengthened. Microsoft Office may address many people, enterprises and use cases but it’s not always the preferred tool if you have a manageable amount of tasks regarding text documents, spreadsheets and slides.

Tastes are different and, sometimes, the dop dog isn’t just the right tool. Looking on the Open Source-sector, I love both - LibreOffice and ONLYOFFICE - and finally it’s a matter of personal taste. Anyway, especially the quality of the desktop editor and the new features underline that the folks at Ascensio System SIA did a great job over the years, pushing ONLYOFFICE (in whatever kind of deployment) to a certain level being an Open Source-based sparring partner for the alpha male from Redmond!

All relevant downloads and product information can be found at while especially the desktop editors are located at!